Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Recycle Your Wedding Invitations

So, you took my advice and ordered more wedding invitations than you needed because you know that there are always those add-ons to your list---people that you just forgot about, folks that you didn't forget about, just didn't want to invite, but felt guilty when you saw them at a party and everyone else is asking you about your wedding, and of course, those long lost relatives that your future mother-in-law insists must get an invitation. And you were glad you did because you wound up using more than you planned to. However, you still have just a few invitations left, even after you've saved a couple for your scrapbook, and for your future children's scrapbooks.

>>>What do you do with the rest? Well, here's a great idea to get more use out of your leftover wedding invitations or wedding invitations that you receive in the mail...

Cut them up (or have a friend do it for you, if you can't muster up the courage) and use the pieces containing the beautiful designs to decorate some handmade greeting cards. Or...

Give them to a school or daycare for the kids to use to make their own cards or to use in other art projects.

Or give them to a friend who is into scrapbooking. Be sure to promise that you don't mind if she cuts them up.

You'll feel better because your leftover wedding invitations didn't go to waste after all, and because someone's life was touched by receiving a beautiful handmade card.

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