Thursday, January 10, 2008

Universal Letter Writing Week

This week, Jan. 8-15 is Universal Letter Writing Week. Who is waiting to hear from you?

You know, email is great, but nothing warms the heart like getting a real card or letter in the mail in the person's own handwriting. Such a nice break from bills and junk mail. So, here are a few tips about writing a letter or a note:

1. Just do it! It doesn't have to be perfect. You don't have to have the prettiest stationery, or even a different colored pen to write with. Just write it. Do it now.

2. Just write it! Don't type it. Write it in your own handwriting. So what if you think your handwriting stinks. The person who receives your letter will love it, misspellings and all. That what makes it personal and that's what touches the heart.

3. Just write it! It doesn't have to be a perfect composed letter. Just write from your heart, whatever comes to mind. Think about what you would say to the person if you were talking to them on the phone.

4. Just send it! It's OK if your paper and envelope don't match. Or if your envelope is just plain. Don't wait till you get your photos developed or uploaded so you can include it in the letter. Just get it in the mail. (You can send the photo later.) It can't touch someone's heart if they never receive it.

As an incentive, I will give two greeting cards of your choice (for you to send next week) to everyone who writes and sends a letter this week and then leaves a comment here before midnight on Tues., Jan. 15.

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