Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Bold, Beautiful, Yet Modest Weddings

Just because you want to use a bold color in your wedding (like bright orange, hot pink or lime green) doesn't mean the styles of your wedding gown and bride's maid's dresses have to be bold. Many brides today are opting for more modest gowns---ones that don't expose too much back, shoulder or cleavage. Choosing to wear a more modest style does not mean your wedding has to be dull, however. Don't be afraid to use lots of color in your dresses, flowers and decorations. How about hot pink dresses with modest cap sleeves and bright orange sashes. Or rich turquoise blue tablecloths with bright yellow and green centerpieces (try placing lemons and limes in clear glass bowls, like photo above from theknot.com, or cut them in half and use them as place card holders.)

Your wedding invitations, stationery and other accessories should reflect the same style as the overall style of your wedding, be it bold and colorful, elegant or soft and sweet. Can't find an invitation that is available in your colors that matches your style or theme? I've heard the same complaint from many brides. That's why I offer contemporary wedding invitations that are FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE. Any of my designs can be created in any color combination you can think up, with as much text as will fit on the page, in any font you like. To see how we personalize and customize your wedding invitation to fit your style, visit: www.OohandAahWeddingInvites.com.

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