Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Does God Still Speak?

Have you ever wondered if God still speaks today?

Or if He would speak to you?

You will have no doubt about it after you read this great book by my good friend, Virginia Stewart Metzler, titled, "Our God Still Speaks."

I met Virginia through the Women Entrepreneurs of Lubbock organization. I was very impressed by her kind, encouraging nature, her love of life and her passion for Christ. AND, I loved her JOYFUL HEART!

We soon became very good friends and now meet together regularly to encourage one another and to pray for our families, our businesses, our country and whatever else is on our hearts. Though it was published last year, I just recently finished reading her book. It both amazed and inspired me. Once I started I couldn't put it down. May you be blessed by reading it, as I was.

You can get a copy at Amazon.com.

After God led the Old Testament Israelites across the Jordan River, Joshua stacked up stones as a memorial to Him. Every time the Israelites saw those stones, they were reminded of God's faithfulness to them. Similarly, Our God Still Speaks is Virginia's own "stack of stones." It is her written memorial of God's repeated answers to prayer. Virginia and her former husband were missionaries in Liberia, West Africa until he was killed in a tragic plane crash. After she married Les Metzler, they became missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators in the Philippines. This book reveals compelling stories of God's working in their lives and it was written to honor God. Her prayer is that it will motivate, encourage and bless those who still seek Him.

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