Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Take Your Sweetie Out to Dinner for $4!

Here's a great budget saving tip:
Purchase a restaurant gift certificate from
Normally, you can purchase $25 gift certificates for $10, which is a good deal.
However, now through March 23, 2009, gift certificates are 60% off.
So, you can purchase $25 gift certificates for $4 each.
PLUS, you also get a FREE $10 gift certificate with each order.

You purchase gift certificates for specific restaurants.
There are lots of restaurants to choose from in lots of different cites,
so you might want to get several gift certificates.
Use a gift certificate to take your sweetie out to dinner,
or use them for a girls night out or guys night out,
plan a birthday party for yourself, your child or a friend,
or treat you and your bridesmaids to dinner after a day of
Or purchase several and use them to pay for your reception dinners.
The possibilities are endless!

To get the discount and the free gift,
go to and
enter code GREEN at checkout.

Be sure to read the fine print for the terms and conditions.

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